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February 07, 2014


The female restroom in my office is more than a pissing and shitting room. It is a prayer room, gossip site, private phone booth to mention a few other purposes.

There’s the early morning’s a beauty parlour thingy going on between the hours of 8am and 10am every day.... mascara, pancake, eye liner, lip liner and that water colour palette we used in secondary school (I can’t remember the name.... but it has all the colours of the rainbow) short, everything and anything make-up....girls gotta look pwetty for the day’s marketing calls.

The other day I was minding my business in one of the rooms and I heard two women discussing about their TTC days, they were so happy and wondered how quickly they have forgotten the years of waiting.

One time it was an angry marketing staff on the phone warning another colleague to stay off her customer’s premises, that she was ready for a show down and will let her know that she put her p***y to use before signing the account.

Yet another day, two ladies were talking about a female colleague who dated a male colleague for over 4 years and got dumped for a “MFM” colleague.

And there are those who pray, all you hear is their muffled voices.....

I wonder what happens in the male restrooms....... this is the part you tell me to face my work #uche-face-your-work-oh#