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January 24, 2014


See my life for outside oh....... a colleague told me I look too young for the position I currently hold in my office..... that I look like a teenager. Abeg, who can recommend fattening room for Sykik. I need to add flesh so I can become “madam” aka   “lolo”.    Also, maybe instead of anti-aging, recommend pro-aging cream to make my face look older. I am getting scared of this supposed “teenage look”.

I noticed that the female restrooms in my office have been turned to prayer rooms....God help you if “piss is catching you” at about 3pm or 6pm.....the rooms are always filled with women “cabashing” and praying.  

There’s a senior male colleague in my office who’s a bully. He’s a big time bully. He has turned his unit members to primary school pupils. They can’t leave there desk without permission, they can’t chat with other colleagues in the communal room because he believes it means they are not busy. Without exaggerating, he uses curse words on his colleagues and no one has deemed it fit to caution him. He uses words such as stupid, silly, idiot e.t.c. The unit members are traumatised but scared of reporting him to a more superior officer because he handles their performance one wants to be badly appraised. The staff turnover in the unit is high.  I tried cautioning him about his curse words in 2011. He was so miffed and wondered what effrontery I had to walk up to him and advice him on his choice of words, he said I lacked respect and called me unprintable names. I was so livid I replied that he must be the female in his marriage because his attitude was unbecoming for a married man..... He stopped talking or acknowledging my greetings since then. Meanwhile, he’s a Christian who never fails to remind everyone he’s Holy Spirit filled. How can someone who keeps malice, claim to be Holy Spirit filled...I am sure he’s filled with something else maybe pounded yam and efo riro. (He’s from Ekiti state)

There’s a female colleague who had her traditional wedding late last year, the guy is based abroad. They dated for barely a year, #LDR things#. The registry wedding hasn’t been done and I asked her when her hubby is coming back and she says he told her, she will see him, whenever he comes back in, he didn’t give her a precise date...he expects his wife to come back home one day and there he will be, sprawled on the sofa or maybe, she hears the door bell, opens and it’s her husband at the door. Which “kain play” is that? How can a wife not know the arrival date of her better half...I can’t live like that oh? The air ticket no get return date ni?

January 10, 2014


Remember this post where I grumbled about not being promoted at work....on Dec 31, 2013 at about 7pm...I got was so long awaited that I didn’t react. I guess, I was numb from realising that Aunty Flo was visiting on New Year’s Day. I got home, went on my knees and thanked God for closing the year with an increase...he has increased my tithe.

Did I ever tell you guys that my petite size 8 frame comes with a sharp mouth? My mouth can run for Africa with’s just so freaking amazing the things that spew out of this my tiny frame-cum-big mouth. I never seem to be short of a comeback to I understand why Mama Sykik never stopped slapping me. I intend to zip my mouth, keep my mouth under lock and key....I need to start behaving my age.....the first thing that came to mind after the New Year greeting was .....”wow, Sykik, you don old finish oh”.........where did the years go?.......

I hate wall’s called “omonile” translated “child of the house owner”..... I can’t remember where I heard the fable from but the story is that any house that has children must have “omonile”......see me see trouble,...#operation-kill-all-wall-gecko# is forever activated in my home. Hubby is the “omonile killer”in our house.....he has mastered the skills over the years ...I don’t envy him at all..... not with a drama queen like moi for a wife.

I don’t do New Year resolutions, but I believe God for directions in this New Year..... I need to run my vision; I need to pursue my calling. God, I ask for a confirmation just been like Gideon, Thomas...don’t vex.... Sykik also wants to be doubly sure.
“And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, this is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left” Isaiah 30:21, AMP

I always feel sleepy right after church on Sundays. However, there’s lunch to be made after Sunday service, so, I start lunch half sleepy and jealous that Hubby gets to put his feet up and watch TV after church. I console myself while cooking with the fact that shebi he drove us to and from church. My mind replies me, “church is just 5mins drive away”. I continue cooking and find myself smiling as Hubby often times comes in to help by bringing his plate so his food can be dished.

Is this post making sense sef....

January 06, 2014


Prayer Points raised by Pastor E.A Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God during the Friday Service of the January Holy Ghost Service tagged “You shall laugh last

1.      Praise God with all your strength
2.      Father,  please give me the grace for total surrender
3.      Father, please help me to love You with all my heart, soul and strength
4.      Father, please let those asking where’s my God come and surrender to You
5.      Father, let those laughing at me, come and laugh with me soon
6.      Father, let me laugh last
7.      Father, let my laughter overflow forever
8.      Father,  let the joy of those who wish me well last forever
9.      Father, help me to bring the joy of salvation to many homes through soul winning
10.  Father,  please have mercy on Nigeria
11.  Your individual request
12.  Pray for the General Overseer (Pastor E.A. Adeboye) and his family

January 01, 2014


My Darlings,
 My prayer is that throughout this year, 
Ceaseless mercies
Divine health
Incomprehensible peace
Unfailing Love
Unlimited abundance
Unmerited favour
Unspeakable Joy
Will abide with you today and always