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May 20, 2013


I don’t know what to write because I have to guard my anonymous status with bolts and padlocks.  Someone in my office is so damned sure I have a blog and is on a mission to hunt me down……. he has given himself the task to find this blog. I hope he’s reading this post, so I can use him as my next office aproko topic… *tongue out*

Can a man fall out of love with his wife? I got talking to a married man last week and he said something like “Any time I see my wife, I hate her”. I am scared to my toes that any man would use such a strong word “hate” to describe his partner, mother of his children and once upon a time love-of- his-life.
Dear God,

All I ask is that the testimony of Hubby concerning me be Prov 5:19-20, let him forever rejoice in me, the wife of his youth. Let me always be loving at all times and let him forever be ravished with my love.
Marriage vows are for better, for worse, till death do us part…….dear Father God, don’t let the devil steal our joy. I refuse the devil a place in my life, home and marriage. Amen.

Why can’t ladies appreciate someone or something without putting “but”
Female Colleague: Sykik, nice dress you have there, its beautiful but the shoe doesn’t go with the dress oh
Sykik: thank you, ma. I am still learning how to “dress”
Male Colleague:  Sykik, your dress is nice and you look beautiful today
Sykik (smiling): thank you
See the difference, the female colleague likes it but because she doesn’t want my head to swell, abi na bad belle, she must put “but”, however, a  male colleague complements  the dress and sees nothing wrong with the shoe or decides not to “but” me about the shoe. Lol…maybe I am the one with bad belle sef……… *rolling my eyes *

I gained 2kg after trying for two years……. that’s an average of 1kg per year , meanwhile I have 3kg more to gain……...see my life. Hopefully, by the year 2016, I will have added the remaining 3kg …… weight gaining is not a easy something oh………..I will get there.

May 08, 2013


Aproko Sykik reporting for duty again……..*claps hands in gossip mode*……things dey happen in this my office.  Please read part 1 if you missed it.
One of the married “madam at the top” in my Bank is rumoured to be dating her married secretary, Boy-Boy for over 3 years. The story is that Madam and Boy-Boy always meet at their rendezvous every other day. The relationship was so coded that no one was aware of the vibes between Madam and Boy-Boy.
How did it become office gossip?
Boy-Boy got born again and had a change of heart, he therefore told Madam after one of their outings that he wanted out, that he knew he was committing adultery and he wanted to stop. Madam flayed up, cried and blackmailed but Boy-Boy’s mind was made up. He told Madam he was going to request that he be reassigned to another branch so that they can truly stay away from each other.
Boy-Boy got to the office the next day and put in his request for the reassignment; Madam put a call to the Human Resource and asked them to disregard the request. She said Boy-Boy was an indispensable asset to her and her team. She reeled off his good qualities and the fact that he’s been with her for years and she didn’t want a replacement for Boy-Boy ….….she said she was baffled since she has always treated him well.
Boy-Boy stopped showing up at their regular rendezvous. Madam though civil to Boy-Boy became cranky and started snapping easily, it was obvious something wasn’t right between Madam and Boy-Boy.
At his last wits, Boy-Boy decided to confide in another “oga at the top” who is a close friend of “madam at the top”. He explained his situation and also his reasons for wanting to end the relationship and the challenges he has faced so far and appealed to “oga at the top” to help him talk to “madam at the top”.
It is a well known fact that “a secret is no longer a secret when you tell one person” ……….. I rest my case…..

On a serious note, I am pained when I hear stories like this. I share them because I know I am hiding under my anonymous cloak and hopefully not directly exposing any one.